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The First Days

ryankimrichhosp   ryan hospital

Above: Ryan, Kim and Richard in the hospital Sept 23 2004

Right: Ryan's first days at home in Peter Rabbit room

   ryan                       kim ryan
Above: Ryan at the hospital

Right: a proud Mom with baby Ryan

ryan kim room                        zzryan
After one of Ryan's baths
Right: a few months old, barely able to sit

Ryan is a healthy lively boy, and at 2 years old he was 39 inches tall. This means he should be about 78 inches tall at maturity, or 6'6", plus or minus 2 inches. He is taller than the average 3 year old, and as tall as quite a few 4 year olds at just 26 months. December 1, 2006 when he was measured by the doctor he was  39.5 inches tall and 35 lbs 8 oz.

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Ryan and Mom at the Fair 2006

Ryan Clowning Around

Ryan's Family History